Charlie Chaplin Archive the official catalogue and information site of and about Charles Chaplin’s very own and painstakingly preserved professional and personal archives, from his early career on the English stage to his final days in Switzerland. Over 75 years of handwritten and printed documents, photographs and press clippings spanning the career of the cinema’s most universal man and shedding light on how he worked, played and lived, but particularly how he worked. From the first handwritten notes of a story line to the shooting of the film itself, stage by stage documentary evidence of the development of a film, or a project that never even became a film. Poems, lyrics, drawings, programmes, contracts, letters, magazines, travel souvenirs, comic books, cartoon strips, praise and criticism, good times and bad .... the vast online catalogue lists them all and allows you to read nearly all the documents. Certain reserved documents may be consulted upon request.

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